HP Designjet Z9 Printer

HP Designjet Z9 PostScript® Printer

The new Z series impresses with its vertical trimmer, innovative colour technologies and photo quality prints.

HP DesignJet Z Printer series, both available in 24- and 44-inch formats, are built to give PSPs a competitive edge by enabling the fastest printing capabilities available on the market today.

High-definition printing with fewer inks

New high-definition, dual drop technology HP printheads produce precise colours with smoother gradients, richer dark colours and with sharper details. The Z9+ range also comes with a built-in Spectrophotometer for ultimate fade-resistant gallery quality prints for indoors or out.

Z9 24-inch Printer

HP DesignJet Z9 24-inch
Postscript Printer (W3271A)

Z6 44-inch Printer

HP DesignJet Z9 44-inch
Postscript Printer (W3272A)

Z9 44-inch Vertical Trimmer

HP DesignJet Z9 dual roll 44-inch
Postscript Printer with Vertical
Trimmer (X9D24A)

Vivid photo inks
High-definition color precision
Efficient and fast
Advanced Security
Industry-leading security
HP Partner First Silver
Authorized HP reseller
Member of the GDL Group
GDL Group Member

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