Colortrac SmartLF SG

Colortrac SmartLF SG

For the highest quality scans of all your documents using professional CCD cameras.

For full flexibility, choose the SmartLF SG Series 36″ and 44″ scanners, winner of the SGIA 2015 Large Format Scanner of the Year and nominee for Wide Format Imaging’s 2016 Scanner of the Year. Perfect for capturing sharply defined detail on technical drawings and maps, as well as the vibrant, accurate colors needed by graphics.

Colortrac SmartLF SG Series Experience an all new scanner with the same charge-coupled device (CCD) sensor technology
used in professional quality cameras. Choose the highest quality scans for all your document types, and get it right the first time. Produce superior quality images and copies of documents up to 36 or even 44 inch wide. Scan all types of paper and mounted documents. Super-easy adjustment for different media thicknesses up to 15 mm

10-inch colour LCD touch panel
4 ppm (A1)
Ultra-compact size
Print, Copy & Scan
Colortrac reseller
Member of the GDL Group
GDL Group Member
  • Sharp and accurate with superb colour

    The ability to scan a wide gamut (range of colours) and a high dynamic range (ability to see detail in dark and light areas) – combined with 1200 dpi optical resolution perfect for capturing sharply defined detail.

  • Fast scanning speed

    All models scan monochrome at 13 inches per second (200 dpi).

  • 2GB scan data memory

    SmartLF SG is the first scanner from Colortrac to have 2GB of onboard scan data memory.

  • More cameras - more accuracy

    The SmartLF SG has six CCDs across the scan width to minimize geometric distortion, more than any other similarly sized scanner.

  • Low maintenance

    SmartLF SG requires minimal service and calibration.

  • Gigabit Ethernet connectivity

    The SmartLF SG large format scanner is networkable – it has a Gigabit Ethernet connection as well as a USB2/USB3 connection

  • Simple scanner control panel interface

    The basic but effective scanner control panel has buttons to start and stop any scan or copy as well providing manual control over document movement.

  • Environmentally friendly

    SmartLF SG wide format scanner is RoHS compliant; energy efficient (it has earned the ENERGY STAR®); does not use consumable fluorescent lamps which contain mercury; uses recycle friendly components; and is optimized for quiet operation.

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